Alternative Business Loans

Our alternative business loans can fit a number of situations for a business owner. Firstly, they are specifically designed for business owners (not startups, only 6 months in business is required) with credit challenges, aka, poor credit (minimum credit middle score required is just 500). That feature all by itself sets us apart from many business loans. A second feature is that our alternative business financing programs are Unsecured business loans as they are secured not by an asset such as real estate but by the income of the business. They are also no personal guarantee business loans.

Alternative Business LoansSo what else makes our poor credit business loans unique. How about a simple application process? Our application process only requires a one page application and the last three bank statements. Good luck finding a bank or traditional lender with that process. Oh, did I mention same day funding after all docs are received. Plus, I am personally available 7 days a week so you can hit the ground on Monday morning with a reviewed an completed application ready for underwriting. Call any lender on Sunday and see what you get.

 So what kind of situations would be appropriate for our alternative business financing? Here are just a few:
  • A business finds itself short of cash to make payroll due to a major unplanned equipment repair or replacement. No time to wait on any type of conventional business loan.
  • A business owner runs across a once in a lifetime opportunity to buyout a competitor in distress at a rediculously low price.
  • A vendor for a business needs cash and has offered a fire sale price on some inventory the owner could make a quick mint selling due to the low cost but the business owner is short on cash.
The above scenarios are just a few examples. The scenarios are as varied as the small businesses¬† out there. One more example (real) is where a business owner borrows some money to cover some critical expenses. He spends the money as planned and should have no big problem paying the loan back. He goes out of town for the weekend only to find out while he was out of town that some major rains resulted in a roof cave in. He now is short of cash as he not only has to repair the roof, but he has to replace a significant amount of his renter’s equipment and inventory.Our quick closing business loans can be a life saver for small businesses in need of really fast cash to get them through a tough situation or to seize an opportunity to make a sizeable amount of money. Call us 7 days a week with questions or to get started on our alternative business loans today. 1-877-655-5625, Ask for Ron.