Small Business Cash Advance Bad Credit

Our small business cash advance bad credit loans are designed to quickly get cash, aka operating capital in the hands of small business owners. In most cases the small business owner is in need of cash because of a shortfall of incoming cash in order to either 1) Cover some critical expenses such as inventory or repairs, sometimes even meet payroll or 2) To take advantage of a great business buying opportunity such as a great price or discount on an inventory or equipment purchase. One of the great features about these bad credit business loans is they are not credit score dependent. The business owner’s middle credit score only needs to be 500 or above so nearly all business owners qualify from a personal credit basis. The second feature about these advances is how simple they are to apply for. We only require a simple one page application and three months of bank statements. The last attractive feature of these advances is the speed of funding. Funding usually occurs in one business day from receipt of documents requested, and many times the same day. So there you have it a simple summary of our great small business loan program for bad credit. Call 1-828-380-5422 or visit our home page to apply today.